Trust & Safety

At delyvr you our customers are our main priority and your safety is our sole concern. So everytime you book a ride or a delivery we ensure you get a safe experience always!

We have the profiles of all the drivers thoroughly verified to ensure your safety is always maintained. However, in a situation where you may feel at danger we have a support team that you can contact.

Your safety matters most to us therefore we have made sure that when you use the app you are not sent jobs in areas that may seem unsafe or have criminal history.

Also after any delivery, ride or service we make sure to take an anonymous feedback to know the overall experience and improve it if necessary. 

Designing a safer ride

Safety features are designed into the app, so you can tell your loved ones where you are, and so there’s help if something unexpected happens.*

Stay connected and protected when you ride.

Emergency assistance

Get help fast. Call local emergency services right from the app, wherever you are.

24/7 Customer Support

Whether you have a quick question or an incident to report, it’s easy to get the help you need. Access 24/7 support directly through the app, whenever you need it.

Share My Trip

Let the people you love know where you are. Choose your Trusted Contacts in the app and set reminders to share your trip details with them.

Safety Centre

Visit the in-app Safety Centre to learn what we're doing to help keep you safe. Just tap the shield icon the next time you take a trip.

2-way Ratings

Your feedback matters. The two-way rating system maintains an enjoyable Delyvr experience and helps keep riders and drivers safe.

GPS Tracking

All rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish, so you can follow your ride and see exactly where you’re going.

Phone Number Anonymization

Calls and messages made using the Delyvr app do not reveal personal phone numbers. Your details are automatically protected.

Driver Profile

Get to know your driver before you step into their car. You can see their rating, how many trips they've completed, how long they’ve been driving, compliments from previous riders, and more.


Using sensors and GPS data, RideCheck can help detect if a trip has an unexpected long stop. If so, we'll check on you and offer tools to get help.⊃1;

Drivers must clear several screenings

All potential driver-partners must complete a criminal background screening process before they can accept ride requests through the Delyvr app.

Driver Hour Limits

To help make roads safer for everyone, Delyvr automatically locks drivers out of the app when they reach the consecutive driving hours limit. They must then take a substantial break before they can drive again.

Speed Limit Alerts

The Speed Limit Alerts feature flashes visual reminders to help drivers stay at a safe speed.

Vehicle Inspection

In order to drive on the Delyvr platform, every vehicle must pass an independent annual inspection to verify that it is safe to drive.

Check your ride, every time

Before you hop in, take a second to double-check the app for your driver’s information. Follow these 3 steps to make sure you get into the right car:

  • Step 1

Match the license plate number.

  • Step 2

Match the car make and model.

  • Step 3

Check the driver photo.

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