About Us

Amazing Services at Your Fingertips Just a Few Clicks Away

Package Delivery
Looking to get something delivered from one place to another, or even multiple places? Look no further than our package delivery option.

Food Delivery
Looking for a meal from your favorite restaurant? Order online from your favourite restaurant and get the meals delivered at your doorstep.

Easy to use App
The app is self explanitory and simple to use. Just through a few taps you can get anything delivered without leaving the office or the comfort of your home.

Easy Payment
Simply add your card details through our safe and secure online portal or top up your in-app wallet via eft.

24*7 Customer Support
No matter the issue we are here for you. Simply chat to us on our secure Live Chat or give us a call on 031 316 5305.

GPS Live Tracking
Our GPS Live Tracking will ensure that our driver can get your order delivered to you as quickly and safely as possible by which you can track their every move.

How to use this app?
Simply follow these easy steps below:

1.Register on the app using your name, mobile number and email address.
2.Enter your delivery address.
3.Select your service.
4.Proceed with order.
5.Make payment.
6.Track your delivery driver as they make their way to you.
7.Don't forget to rate and review us.

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